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What is GrowRows for?

GrowRows is for when you want to pull a list together with the help of a bunch of generally cooperative people and in spite of a few less-than-cooperative people.

How does it work?

You start a table, and give anyone you want involved a link to it. They edit the table however they like. Their edits stay in a copy of your table until you approve them. Their edits are presented to you in an easy-to-review form.

When should I not use GrowRows?

If you trust everyone involved, or are willing to clean up spam and unintentional errors, you might want to consider ethercalc (or failing that, google docs).

Who is developing GrowRows?

My name is Paul Fitzpatrick. I'm a tech volunteer with the Data Commons Co-op. I'm reachable as @fitzyfitzyfitzy or as paul at


Is there fun stuff in the pipeline for GrowRows?

Oh yes.

Is this Open Source?

The underlying technology is called the Coopy Toolbox and is Free Software (definition).